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Finding Answers To Life Changing Questions

07/26/2012 19:45



I recalled my past days, judges myself, and I see that failures overshadowed the good things that I have done or achieved so far. I regretted larger part of my life. I found myself living with a sense of immaturity and misunderstandings. I took pride in earthly things and don’t humble myself many times. Yet, I called myself the son of God, preach the Gospel, speak about Jesus and sing about Him. On the contrary, while I consider myself fully devoted to the Lord, I can never feel the comfort of living a spiritual life. My plans failed, hardships and struggles increases in life and at times I even feel that the world has fallen on me. You don’t see happiness around, you keep finding ways to come out of this difficulty spending restless days and sleepless nights but to no avail. Sometimes you seem to have found your ways but later turns out to be just another burden!

If I have to categorize my life in segments, I’d definitely call this part as “The Period of Self Evaluation.”

I was born and brought up in a Godly missionary family. I was taught the ways of God even before I could understand things. I still treasure my childhood memories where I spent my days as the true children of God, serving as a testimony to many non-believers. Then why is there a need of Self Evaluation in my life today? What went so wrong in these past few years that now whenever I close my eyes to pray, tears of regret filled my eyes?

I believe that finding answers to these questions will give me a clear picture of the relationship that I shared with the living God. It took me days and days, hours and hours of prayer before God actually answered me.  A scripture from the Bible grabbed my attention –

“Isaiah 53:6 – We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way”

“Eiho ebonchauva kelngoi banga vah manggam ehitauvin, ebonchauva ama ama deilam cheh a kihei cheh ehitauve.”

I feel relieved that God answered me, but at the same time, the answer worries me further. It took me to the various memories of my past life, both good and bad ones. My sins were depicted in front of me. I struggled in keeping myself rooted to the Lord while the memories where I have actually betrayed my Lord was portrayed fresh in my mind. Well, I’m excited that God revealed to me the place where I stand today. I’m glad that I can now turn back and follow God’s way, ignoring the path that I have travelled before.

It is always easy to follow the same path everyday because you are very well versed with everything that lies ahead or behind you. Following God’s way is never easy and I consider myself as the beginner when it comes to following God’s way. What lies ahead of me was the challenge of finding the new way and following it. Finding the way is easier but the real test lies on how you follow it faithfully.

As a human being, turning away from evil, refraining yourself away from temptations are the biggest challenges. We all know the story of the Satan tempting Eve at the Eden garden or the Satan tempting Jesus after His 40 days fast before He started His ministry. Satan always tempts people with the best of everything, offering all the enjoyments of life. For instance, at the Garden of Eden, Satan tempted Eve saying “If you eat the fruit of this tree, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil.” Then the scripture says on Genesis 3:6 that “Then the woman saw that the tree was good for food and delightful to look at, and that it was desirable for obtaining wisdom.” – “Hichun numeinun jong thingga chu aven ahile neh dingin apha lheh jengin, vetnuom nom aumtan, athingga chu mi achihsah jeng ding jeh chun aha duchat chehtai.” Another example can be cited on how Delilah was made used for Samson to lose his strength and power.

Friends, it is extremely easy to fall into temptations unless we live in the ways of the Lord. The Holy Spirit from God needs to be our strength. For the Lord itself says in Matthew 3:13 that “The gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to destruction and there are many who go through it.” – “Manna lamchu akot lentah ahin, alampi jong lentah ahi, chuleh chua lut chu tamtah ahi.”

We all need weapons to safeguard ourselves from all the evil. These weapons not only safeguard us from evil but also show us the way to a Godly life. Then what are the weapons?

  • Repentance
  • Seeking forgiveness through prayer

Let’s recall the parable of the lost son. The younger son asked for his share to his father. The father then distributed the assets between him and his elder brother. He then travelled to a distant country and squandered his estate in foolish living. After he had spent everything, famine struck that country. He then started working as a servant. His master one day sent him to feed the pigs. He was so severely hungry that he longed to eat his fill from the carob pods the pigs were easting but no one would give him any. Then he realized that his father’s servant have more than enough food to eat. After much thought, he finally decided to return to his father, ask for forgiveness and become one of his laborer and not his son. His father saw him while he was long way off and he was filled with compassion. Then father then ran to him, threw his arms and kissed him. His father forgive him, clothed him will expensive clothes, then they celebrated together

Our God is the Lord of compassion. When we repent our ways and return back to him, He will never ignore us. Instead he will celebrate our homecoming for we were once dead but now alive. We were once lost but now found. “Glory be to the Lord.”





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